1. Girls’ Night Out

Bring the party

Team logo t-shirt with tailored trousers and edgy leather, or a disco dress with biker boots (better than heels for dancing all night long) for a cool look - wherever the night takes you.

Lamé slogan T-shirt

5 available colours

Skinny jeans with rhinestone side-stripes

Ft51,500.00  Ft30,900.00

Silk and lamé fil coupé top

Ft69,700.00  Ft48,790.00
2 available colours

Micro studded maxi clutch

Ft41,050.00  Ft24,630.00
3 available colours

Leather biker boots

Ft134,550.00  Ft80,730.00

Stretch silk/satin V-neck top

Ft55,350.00  Ft38,745.00
4 available colours

Shiny accents make for a modern spin on glamour.

Leather Biker Jacket

Ft158,850.00  Ft95,310.00
2 available colours

Star print dress

Ft99,150.00  Ft59,490.00

Star print blouse

Ft57,750.00  Ft34,650.00
2 available colours

Star choker necklace

Ft22,750.00  Ft13,650.00

Stretch silk/satin cami top

Ft45,850.00  Ft32,095.00
2 available colours

Micro-pleated jersey bodysuit

Ft35,400.00  Ft28,320.00
2 available colours

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Crêpe jersey jumpsuit

Ft67,300.00  Ft53,840.00

Midi-heel sandals with chains

Ft82,450.00  Ft49,470.00
2 available colours

Laminated maxi-clutch bag

Ft39,400.00  Ft27,580.00
2 available colours

Star choker necklace

Ft22,750.00  Ft13,650.00

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