1. The simple life

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The simple life

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Switch off. Recharge. Go back to nature. Resort 2020 chimes with a desire for a more essential lifestyle. Tactile textiles like pure linen, cotton and organic fibres derived from banana leaves, soy and corn lead the way, while a cool, neutral palette offers a much needed moment of calm.

Straw hat with ribbon

Ft29,000.00  Ft17,400.00

Dress in linen canvas and jersey

Ft72,350.00  Ft50,645.00

Natural fibre kaftan

Ft72,450.00  Ft50,715.00

Natural fibre shirt

Ft60,250.00  Ft42,175.00

Poplin carrot-fit trousers

Ft44,100.00  Ft30,870.00

Leather and cord sandals

Ft79,450.00  Ft47,670.00
2 available colours

Pure and simple: black and white is strong and soothing.

Natural fibre blouse

Ft52,250.00  Ft36,575.00

Wide leg trousers in pure cotton

Ft44,100.00  Ft30,870.00
2 available colours

Corn fibre kaftan

Ft54,250.00  Ft32,550.00

Soy fibre kaftan

Ft54,250.00  Ft32,550.00

Pure linen shirt

Ft44,100.00  Ft30,870.00
2 available colours

Pleated linen trousers

Ft54,600.00  Ft38,220.00

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